Big Boss Telugu Season 2 | Episode 30 Highlights

Episode 30 - Big Boss Telugu Highlights 2
Big Boss Telugu 2

Big Boss Telugu Season 2 – Episode 30 Highlights

In Episode 30, Big Boss Telugu came up with a new idea for choosing the contestants for eviction. Every contestant in the Bigg Boss 2 House has given a separate task. Housemates are nominated for eviction if they fail to do the task assigned by Bigg Boss. The tasks were so exciting and a great entertainment for the audience. However, the given tasks were too easy for few contestants and too evil for some contestants. A telephone booth was placed in the garden area of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house and instructed Housemates through the telephone. Bigg Boss spoke with housemates through separate calls and ordered them to do the task one by one.

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Episode 30 - Bigg Boss Telugu Highlights
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