Bigg Boss 2 Telugu | Episode 19 Highlights

Episode 19 - Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu | Episode 19 Highlights

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu – Episode 19 started with an argument between Tejaswi and Shyamala regarding Lassi. Shyamala was disappointed with Tejaswi and her control over the kitchen. Later, Shyamala Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi and Bhanu Sree had a deep conversation regarding Tejaswi’s rules and control over the kitchen.

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However, other housemates convinced and settled the issue with Shyamala and Tejaswi. After some time, Geetha Madhuri entertained the housemates with her song and on the other side, Bhanu and Tejaswi started dancing to the song. Later, all the housemates joined both of them and enlightened the house with a nice performance.

Episode 19 - Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 2

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On the other hand, Bigg Boss punished Kaushal (for not cleaning utensils) and Samrat (for breaking the glass at the time of Sugarcane Juice task). Kaushal was ordered to clean all the utensils in the Bigg Boss house and Samrat was given with three big stones, ordered him to break them into pieces. Bigg Boss said to Samrat that he can seek help from other housemates if needed.

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