Deepthi Sunaina Eliminated – Watch Full Episode

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote_Deepthi Sunaina Eliminated

Deepthi Sunaina Eliminated – Watch Full Episode

BiggBoss 2 Telugu – Deepthi Sunaina Eliminated ??? -Sunday has come and as we all know, there is going to be the elimination today. One of the contestants has to walk-out today from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 House. Looks like Bigg Boss 2 Telugu has failed to maintain the suspense of elimination process. There are few websites which are conducting polls on elimination and the people are showing great interest to participate. Not only the polls but also there are some leaks coming out right from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 backend team. By considering some baseless leaks on Elimination video/Sunday elimination videos, Deepthi Sunaina walks out of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu on Sunday.

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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu - Deepthi Sunaina EliminatedIf there is a double elimination today, Roll Rida also walks out along with Deepthi Sunaina tonight.

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