Telugu Bigg Boss 2 | Sugar Cane Juice Task Highlights

Episode 17 - Telugu Bigg Boss 2

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 – Sugar Cane Juice Task

(Episode 17 – Highlights)

The Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Housemates started their day with a dance number altogether. All the housemates looked very excited and happy together. Later, Bigg Boss assigned a task to the housemates, “Sugar Cane Juice Task”. Then Bigg Boss ordered the housemates to form 2 teams. So the Bigg Boss Housemates divided into two teams, one is yellow and another team is green. Yellow team is led by Kaushal and green team by Kireeti respectively. Also, probably for the first time Tejaswi is not in the same team as Samrat and Tanish. But, she works very well together with Kaushal, Deepthi, Sunaina, Roll Rida, Amit and Nandini.

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The task was to make sugarcane juice and package it in as many bottles as instructed by Bigg Boss and submit for quality check. The two teams were very competitive and this led to the yellow team ending up with less number of stickers. An argument ensued and after the two teams submitted the bottles of juice, both yellow and green teams sat down to discuss the task.

Samrat, however, behaved weirdly which hurts Tejaswi and she burst into tears. Tanish then convinced her that Samrat was only concerned for her. However, Tejaswi said she is considered an anomaly in the house as she reacts immediately, which she doesn’t want Samrat to think as well.

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