Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 | Nani’s Strong Warning To Housemates

Episode 14_Bigg Boss Telugu

Telugu Bigg Boss – Nani’s Strong Warning to Contestants
(Episode -14)

Nani on Saturday started the show with a positive energy and made the show interesting. He strictly warned all the contestants in the Telugu Bigg Boss House for forming groups and targetting co-contestants. If we look deep into the details, Episode 13 was turned out to be the most controversial one to date. Kaushal was targeted by Kireeti who used the name of Deepthi Sunaina and assaulted Kaushal for misbehaving with Deepthi Sunaina. In fact, that misconception was already cleared as Kaushal said sorry to Deepthi Sunaina. He clearly explained to her that he treats her like a small sister. Even after the clarification Kireeti wantedly assaulted him and tried to ruin his reputation.

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On the other side, Nunthan Naidu had a clash with Samrat due to some miss understanding that Samrat said something about his family. While Nuthan Naidu and Samrat are having a strong word fight, Tanish wantedly entered in between them taking Samrat side and really had a word war with Nuthan Naidu. After seeing all the issues happening in Bigg Boss House, everyone feels like Samrat, Tanish, Tejaswi and Kireeti are targeting Kaushal and Nuthan Naidu.

On Saturday, Nani has shown all the videos of contestants, what they are doing, what they are speaking about others, how they are forming groups and targeting other contestants in the Bigg Boss House. Mainly, Nani Warned Deepthi Sunaina and said, to Housemates, that she is not a child and there is no need to treat her as a kid anymore in house. Nani also warned Kireeti for assaulting Kaushal and targeting him using the name of Deepthi Sunaina.

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He also warned Tanish and Tejaswi for forming groups and creating differences in al the Bigg Boss Housemates. So hopefully, we can see some good friendly environment among all the Bigg Boss Housemates. Keeping all these issues aside, Nani’s performance was brilliant compared to last week and hope he continues the same energy in the coming episodes.

Episode 14 - Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2

Telugu Bigg Boss Episode 14 – Nani’s Strong Warning to Bigg Boss Contestants

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